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Well deviant art sure has changed in the past few days alone. Status updates? Strange. Anyways, thank you to all those who still watch me, and I assure you, I'll be adding more soon. My time away from the computer and drawing tablet has not rendered me entirely artless. Updates coming soon!


United States
Wow, there's a lot.. hmm..
Well, I'm ___ years old, and I love just about anything art related. I love drawing, cosplay, dance and photography the most. I draw a lot of Chibi and anime, but don't be fooled, I'm best with realistic art and drawing what I see. I draw anime because it challenges me. I've been trying to learn it since the 5'th grade. My favorite anime is Nabari No Ou, and if you look at my favorites and groups, it's plain to see who my favorite character is. Yoite takes the cake from all anime's I've seen, and all manga I've read.

I love cosplay and dressing up in costume. Last year I put together my own Halloween costume and made a real life version of my GaiaOnline Halloween avatar, one best described as a ghoul; it was a bit of a hit. And currently, I'm working on three new ones for some annual conventions I attend.

I do my best to be accepting in all ways. Sexual orientation, gender, or beliefs matter not to me. I'm not religious, but accept the possibility of every religious view and believe that something is out there, be it nothing, a single god, or twelve gods. You could best describe me as agnostic.

I am very very honest. Honesty means more to me than probably any other personal value. You can be a total ass, but if your honest, it won't matter much to me how rude you are. That being said, I can be very blunt because I tell the truth to even some of the hardest questions.

I have a boyfriend that I've been with for more than 5 years. I'm still unwavering-ly, crazily, ever so deeply in love with him. I'm told all the time we better get married. I'll be honest, that's the plan. <3

If you'd like to know anything else, just send me a comment, note, check out my journals, or even watch me for more. Thanks. ;D
Hey again everyone!
For starters, I'd love to thank any of you that actually take the time to watch my work, or read my journals. Especially for those times where you comment or favorite things. It means a lot to me that you guys like my art!

In other news, I was just approved the other day for my first apartment! I'll be moving in with my long term boyfriend, and we're both very excited. We're going to learn a lot about life, and each other from this experience I'm sure. I'll also have more to post, because I'm going to make curtains and maybe even couch pillows to give a home-y touch to our new place. So I'll have to share those with you guys. :squee:

On top of all that, this up-coming Wednesday is my 6'th year Anniversary with my boy, so that's also got me very excited. Haha.

Then today, I bought a new tablet. I was really worried the other day when my old one kicked the bucket, but I worked it out, so you'll see new art soon!

And lastly, I'm starting work on a first set of Adoptables! So keep an eye out. There's going to be 3 Girls, and 3 boys in the set. The girls already have their line art even. I'm really excited to see what people think. And, while they're still in the works, if you have any suggestions or requests, I'd love to hear them!

Thanks Again Everyone!


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still waiting on Locke Angel completion when you have the time to finish it.
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don't sweat it. your designs were awesome. i loved it. 
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Hey It's Lauren! Sorry I'm a bit late.
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